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Drumming team building session with Rayban - The Drumming Guys - interactive team events

This video is taken towards the end of the interactive team building session, where we get to the final team activity - drumming and...! Well - it's a surprise.
Take note of the energy and spirit amongst the team.

People are energised, socialising and having a great time. This is what we aim for in our team building sessions - bringing people together in a positive spirit.
Team building is about uniting the group and developing relationships, through the drumming session we create a space for people to express themselves in a positive and constructive way.
Interactive drumming is not a one-size-fits-all solution for team building - but it is a great tool in the hands of experienced facilitators, and has proven very effective when done properly.

Team building should be a process within a company that is constantly revisited, rather than being seen as a once-off event. Building a team takes time, in the same way that building relationships takes time.

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Client feedback -
Rayban (Johannesburg)
"Thank you so much to you and the team for an excellent drumming session on Friday at our team building event.
The response from our staff has been overwhelmingly positive. Everybody thoroughly enjoyed the drumming session and it was very well conducted.
Job well done !!!"



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