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Hand made Congas (Custom conga drums) - Tlale Makhene conga solo

Tlale Makehene playing one piece hand carved custom congas, the skins are naturally cured south African cowskin.
Visit: - for more info on custom hand made conga drums.
In this video there are also LP congas and PR Meinl congas being played, so you can hear how they compare with our hand made congas.
The conga shells are hand carved by a drum making family in West Africa, the final finishing and assembly takes place in South Africa, using SA rawhides. Cured especially for the congas - curing can take a few months, it is not a process to be rushed.

Tlale Makhene is a well known SA Conguero and percussionist who has performed internationally with a number of artists, including Johnny Clegg.

Custom congas are completely hand made from start to finish, they are made to order. We make congas according to the cuban tradition of enterizo (one piece drums) - conga sets include Quinto, Conga, Tumba. Congas are also known as Tumbadoras in Cuba.
In addition we also make bongos, bata and djembe drums. Contact us for any enquiries or further information.



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