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Interactive Gumboot dancing - Team building

Gumboot dance is a highly popular team building activity, in addition to getting a good workout, your team will also learn some Gumboot dance steps, and how to combine these steps into a routine.

Once we have the whole team stepping together in time, we increase the complexity of the routine until we have a complete dance sequence.

Then the session progresses to the final stage, where we get your team working together to create their own dance sequences. It's a unique and fun team building activity to get the creative energy flowing.

Comfortable clothing is recommended - we provide the gumboots.

Gubmoot dance team building

African dance team building

We provide a live african drum ensemble and a dance instructor - the drummers play the rhythms while the instructor teaches the dance steps.

This is a high energy and fun session, which will have your team working together in a way you haven't seen before.
Comfortable clothing and shoes are recommended.

Drumming team building

For more info, see our drumming team building page.

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