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Obini Bata
is the first all female folkloric drumming ensemble in Cuba.

Eva Despaigne, Obini BataObini is the Yoruban word for Woman.
Bata drumming is the oldest drum tradition of Cuba.

Obini Bata was formed in 1993 by Director Eva Despaigne and other female members of the Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba.

In Cuba the Bata are traditionally played only by men, but Obini Bata have challenged the taboo by becoming the first all-female bata drumming ensemble in Cuba.

In addition to playing Bata, all members of the group play a variety of Cuban drums and percussion, as well as singing and dancing.
To create a complete performance, encompassing all aspects of the ancient tradition they represent.

Cuban bata and conga drums, afro-cuban drums and percussion
Obini Bata
obini bata performance

International Tours

• Canada - Ontario, Toronto...
• Spain - Madrid, Cadiz, Barcelona...
• Italy - Rome, Pescara, Calabria...
• Martinique
• France
• Top International Festival Cuba    (Italy).
• International Folklore Festival    (France).
• International Theater Festival    (Spain).
• Delegation of Cuban Art.
   "Barrio Adentro" Theatre     presentation.
• Teresa Carreño Caracas, Venezuela
• South Africa
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Johan Botha
Mobile: +27 83 550 6569
Email: johan@drumming.co.za

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