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Past Performances and Events

International Tours

• Canada - Ontario, Toronto...
• Spain - Madrid, Cadiz, Barcelona...
• Italy - Rome, Pescara, Calabria...
• Martinique
• France
• Top International Festival Cuba (Italy).
• International Folklore Festival (France).
• International Theater Festival (Spain).
• Delegation of Cuban Art.
"Barrio Adentro" Theatre presentation.
• Teresa Carreño Caracas, Venezuela

• South Africa

Concerts - Cuba

• Teatro Hubert de Blanck.
• Sala Alejo Carpentier
• Main Hall of the Amadeo Roldan Theater.
• Sala del Teatro Amadeo Roldán Caturla.
• Music Museum.
• Theatre Sauto of Matanzas.
• Museum of Guanabacoa.
• House of Africa.
• Consulate of Spain.

Events - Cuba

• Participation in the Event Annual Folk "Wemilere" Guanabacoa.
• Participation in the Festival de la Rumba in the American Theatre.
• Participation in Annual Event Percuba.
• Participation in Annual Event Cubadisco.

Special Events

• For the African diplomatic corps accredited in Cuba.
• For the delegations of American students in the ISA
• For the Venceremos Brigade International Camp Julio A. Nick
• For the decorations of the FMC in the Hall of Mirrors at the Revolution Museum.
• For the CTC Decorated in Theater Lázaro Peña.
• For the former President of Haiti Mr. Preval.
• For the Minister of Culture of Saint Kitts and Nevis.
• For the representatives of the African National Congress.
• For National Vanguard MINED.
• For the inauguration of the Hall of Culture in Pabexpo.

Other Activities

• Annual Activity of Don Alejo La Ceiba.
• Support the German concert pianist Hans Lüdemann.
• Activity for Mayors from different Spanish cities.
• Book Fair Morro-Cabaña.
• Activity at the Terrace Hotel Inglaterra.
• Cabaret Show Guanimar.
• National Cabaret Show Prado.
• Folk Nights of Tiko.
• In Greater Palenque.
• Week of Culture of the Hill.
• Week of Culture in downtown Havana.
• Opening Film - Drama Lajero.
• Pool Hotel Capri.
• Banda Sonora Telenovela Cubana "El Eco de las Piedras."
• Filming for UNESCO.
• Movie Banda Sonora de Cuba. Co-production Cuba and Spain.
• Recording for TV University Course for All
• Business Activity for the U.S.: States with the presence of the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz

Contact Details
International Manager: Johan Botha
Mobile: +27 83 550 6569
Email: johan@drumming.co.za

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