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Drumming Therapy

Drumming has been used in a wide variety of therapeutic contexts - eg. drumming with cancer patients has shown an increase in immunity; drumming with the aged has shown to be helpful in combatting dementia; drumming with psychiatric patients has shown many positive benefits.

Studies have shown that after only a few minutes of hand drumming, subjects report an increased sense of well being. This occurs because drumming affects one's brainwaves - and increases the production of the feel-good hormone in your brain. This is also the reason why subjects report that drumming is excellent for stress relief.

Drumming has proven to be beneficial in a number of medical contexts, be it group drumming or as individual therapy.

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We offer drumming therapy in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban & Cape Town.

Drumming Therapy - Jhb | Pretoria | Cape Town

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Client feedback:
New BeginningZ -
The amazing Drumming Guys - Our drumming therapy was provided by 'The Drumming Guys'. You can find them at
They are very professional and tremendously good in working with children.

Drum making for Therapy

Drum making is a richly rewarding and therapeutic experience. Working with wood itself is hugely therapeutic, to work on making a drum - a functioning musical instrument - is even more so.

We will guide participants through the various stages of drum making, until the final musical instrument is completed. This is an activity which can be completely immersive, and keep participants engaged for hours.

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