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Drum Sales | Drum Shop | Drums and Percussion for sale

We offer a range of traditional and modern drums and percussion instruments.

African drums

We provide high quality Djembe drums imported from West Africa.

Doun douns (West African bass drums) and bells, and stands.

Kora (African Lute) from West Africa

We also manufacture high quality Djembes in SA, if you want a drum that can used on stage or in the studio then this is the best option.

Hand made Congas, bongos, bata - manufactured in South Africa.

We also provide factory made drums and percussion instruments manufactured by all the major brands - please enquire for details.

Djembe drums for sale
Djembe drums for sale. Hand made in SA.

Professional Djembes
Professional quality Djembes

Bongo drums for sale
We have a variety of drums and percussion.

Doun douns, african bass drums
Doun douns (bass drums) imported from West Africa.

Kpanlogo drums
Kpanlogo drums - Ghana.

Djembe and bongo drums for sale
Djembes imported from West Africa.

Contact Details
Johan Botha -
Cell: 083 550 6569

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