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Drum Repairs

We undertake repairs to a variety of traditional African and hand drums, Djembes, Congas and bongos:

Djembe head replacement - re-skin djembe and tune.
We can also replace ropes, repair cracks in wood, and manufacture new steel rings if required.

Repair Bongos - head replacement and tuning.
Provide new hooks, nuts and bolts where required.

Congas - fitting of new heads and tuning. Manufacture conga hardware.
Replacement of hooks, nuts and bolts.

Traditional african drums - replace heads and tuning system (if necessary).

Djembe drum repairs
Djembe drums - from start to finish.

Bongo repairs
Turning old drums into new. Drum repair.

We specialise in making Djembes, bongos, congas...

Please enquire for further details.

Contact Details
Johan Botha -
Cell: 083 550 6569

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