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Interactive team building drumming session for Merck 350 yr Birthday - The Drumming Guys

This interactive drumming team building session was broadcast live to all Merck branches around the world for their 350th Birthday celebration.
We had success with the rehearsals earlier in the morning - and now the moment was almost upon us.
A live performance broadcast around the globe - interactive drumming with the entire staff of Merck Johannesburg. The caveat was that they had pre-recorded music for the event with no drum track - we were the drum track. There was no time for a second take when the event went live, we had to crack it first time. And then something happened on the live broadcast (as Murphy's law would have it) - they played the pre-recorded tracks in the wrong order! No problem - we realised and adapted, playing the correct rhythms to the music.
Here we are waiting for the big moment - there was a slight delay - so we decided to blow off a little steam. So everyone would be warmed up and relaxed for the performance. Thanks to Sound Ninja for the excellent audio-visual & broadcast services.



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