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Interactive drumming team building session for Merck 350 yr Birthday - Jhb

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This interactive drumming team building session was broadcast live to all Merck branches around the world for their 350th Birthday celebration.
We had success with the rehearsals earlier in the morning - and now the moment was almost upon us.
A live interactive drumming performance broadcast around the world - a drumming session with the entire staff of Merck Johannesburg.

There were two soundtracks that had been created for the event - but the drum parts were left out - our job was to create the rhythms to fit with the music, and then divide it into two parts so that the group could be divided into two and play the entire musical piece together.

We had spent part of the morning rehearsing, as well as moving a few things around due to the sudden onset of rain.

Here we are waiting for event to begin - there was a slight delay - so we decided to get everyone warmed up and ready to go, it also helped to calm the nerves before the final performance.

During the live drumming broadcast, there was a slight hiccup when the music was played in the wrong order, however our facilitators immediately realised what had happened, and facilitated the correct rhythms for the music.

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