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Flashmob Corona - The Drumming Guys - Drumming and dance rehearsal for Corona Sunsets Party Flashmob

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Corona Sunsets flashmob rehearsal: The Drumming Guys at World of Dance (in Sunninghill, Sandton) rehearsing for the Corona Sunsets party - a flashmob event to cincide with the setting sun - including dancers and drummers. Corona sunsets party in Johannesburg, SA (South Africa).

We enjoy new projects and working with different artists, trying new and original concepts. Drumming and dance has always been two sides of the same coin. We offer a variety of drumming and dance performances and shows. Corona gave us the opportunity to do something we hadn't done before. And as artists we welcome those opportunities.
The flashmob for Corona Sunsets involved 3 dancers, and 2 drummers performing on djembes. It was a small flashmob but highly professional, and we brought it on the day.
We like to take a small teams approach - the concept is that a small team of highly skilled people is much more effective than a large team of semi-skilled people. One person with many skills outweighs several with limited skills. This approach is not unique to ourselves and is employed by many organisations all over the world - with tremendous success. The belief that bigger is better simply doesn't hold water in a small teams approach. And it has been proven in real world conditions - many times over.

The small team approach is not limiting - the team can easily be doubled, tripled and multiplied as required. Once a foundation has been set by a small teams approach it can easily be scaled up, and retain it's effectiveness. This group could easily be multiplied by 10, using this rehearsal as a template.

We provide custom made performances using drumming, dance, music, audio visual effects, what-have-you. We work with a variety of drummers, dancers, musicians and artists - and can bring your vision to life. We maintain a high professional working standard, and take pride in delivering on a client's needs, and making it the best possible performance we can deliver.

Performances can be tailored to your needs and can include interactive drumming, ormother musicians. We can provide team building sessions and interactive drumming events with drum and dance and performances.
Let us know how you want your event structured, and we can tailor make a solution that best fits your requirements.

How about a flashmob at your event, or a pop up interactive drumming circle?

Contact us with any enquiries.

Client feedback -
"Next time we want to double the performers!"

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