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Team Building interactive drumming session - year-end function Pretorium Trust - Pretoria


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Drumming team building for a Company year-end function with Pretorium Trust (in Pretoria). During this part of the interactive drumming session we are playing a traditional African rhythm, an important part of group drumming is the experience of flow - when everyone gets into the groove and the rhythm flows with ease. This video gives an idea of how it feels when the group is synchronised and playing as one unit.

There is a misconception that team building drumming is about beating the drum to release one's frustrations - as though drumming is a form of release through violence. This is not how we work, beating the drum is more like how a bird beats it's wings - it's a rhythmic repetition.
Playing hand drums for an extended period alters participants brainwaves to a more relaxed natural state (like a kind of meditation), that's what results in stress release.

Note how the group is looking relaxed and comfortable while playing, enjoying the feeling of being in the groove. One of our facilitators then plays some solo phrases to complement the rhythm, which requires the group to focus more on playing the rhythm, and not allow themselves to be distracted during the djembe solo.

The evening ended with a performance by our Marimba band, and some dancers.

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