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Website SEO development for better Google rankings

We can develop your website and SEO for better google rankings and results - increasing traffic to your website.

If you search on keywords related to drumming; interactive drumming, drumming session, drumming party, team building drumming etc - you will find that our websites tend to rank high on google rankings - most often achieving a top 10 ranking, or even number 1. This is a result of our website SEO, and has taken some time and work to achieve. This is probably the reason you found our website in the first place. If that is the case, then we would like to offer these services to you. Our SEO has been developed in real world conditions, and we are always working on making improvements.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is vital for improving your ranking in Google and other search engines, with the thousands upon thousands of new websites being created everyday, it is essential to have your potential audience see your website in search results. As is well known - google algorithms for determining search results are not known even to google developers. And the algorithm is changing daily, and has even become organic.

However it is possible to develop your website in such a way that your chances of being highly ranked on google are increased, by employing a number of these strategies simultaneously significantly increases your chances of being ranked highly in google searches.

This can include re-writing some of your copy, writing new copy, or adding more relevant copy.
Making changes to the code, and introducing new elements into the code.
Increasing your connectivity to other sites, and social media.
Improving your SEO on your youtube videos, and linking to google through youtube.

We can run campaign simultaneously improving your google SEO, with a Google adwords campaign, and leverage the response to these campaigns to further improve your website's SEO, content and target your audience more specifically - saving you money on unnecessary google adwords advertising revenue.

We can monitor your google SEO rankings, and make further improvements to your website SEO to increase your google results with respect to specific keywords and categories.

We can do a once-off SEO for your website, or a sustained campaign to improve your searchability and SEO over a period of time - the advantage of this is that once we are monitoring your SEO on google, we can make changes as required - and soon see if the strategy is working in google, or make further adjustments.

In addition to SEO for google and youtube, we offer a full suite of website development, design, hosting and database services.

Contact Johan for further information, or a free quotation.

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