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Drumming Party

Drum circles for parties are a great way of connecting with people, releasing stress and generally having a good time.

Group drumming has proven to be a hit at socials, parties and corporate functions alike. With old and young - and all imbetween - being able to enjoy the groove, and get into a good mood.
We know how to get the party started.

drumming party

We have facilitated interactive drumming sessions at festivals, restaurants, for team building activities, at weddings, private parties, bachelor's & bachelorettes parties, on the beach, in the bush...

Interactive drumming parties can be held indoors or outdoors. We bring the drums, set up and our professional drummers facilitate the drumming session.

Client Feedback:
"The neighbours contacted us during the drumming session - they said we can carry on all night. They were really enjoying the music."

Contact Details
Johan Botha -
Cell: 083 550 6569

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